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CTO as as Service

For Established SMEs
Growing Businesses

Alpha Bits can help you stay ahead of the curve with our CTO as a Service. Our team of experienced professionals can provide the technology leadership and expertise you need to achieve better operational efficiency and solve your problems. Plus, our cost-efficient service means you don't have to worry about hiring costs, bonuses, or equities.

Alpha Bits

Deep Dive Technical Assessment

  • Comprehensive review of existing software/hardware/data infrastructure, systems, databases, processes, legacy constraints and Documentation.

  • Detailed assessment and recommendations deliver in detailed written reports, presentation and sharing Q&A sessions.

  • Assess buy/build/license options for corporate technology projects, due diligence on vendor
    and solutions.


Modernizing Existing Technology Infrastructure

  • Review and identify areas for upgrades of software and hardware infrastructure. Plan and execute migration projects, with change management.

  • Assume responsibility for operation and support of legacy** software systems, ensuring they remain reliable and serviceable within a fixed budget.

  • Revitalize previously-unsupported legacy codebase, extracting and documenting lost insights using recent development versions of Text-to-Code AI technology**.


Data Strategy & Business Intelligence

  • Comprehensive review of existing data infrastructure, internal data governance practices, data integrations with vendors, data security and business analytics.

  • Setup end-to-end data processing pipeline, from data warehouse to automated business dashboards.

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