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Industries and Projects

We have extensive experience building and operating integrated management platforms in a variety of industries.

Case Study 1
Building a Blockchain Team for a US-Based Startup (B.O.T)

A Santa Monica-based startup approached Alpha Bits to help them build, operate, and transfer (BOT) a full 25-person blockchain team based out of Vietnam. The startup needed a skilled team to develop and implement a cutting-edge blockchain solution for their business.

Challenge: The startup faced several challenges, including finding and recruiting skilled blockchain developers, setting up a remote team in Vietnam, and ensuring seamless communication and collaboration between the US and Vietnam-based teams.


Solution: Alpha Bits leveraged its extensive network and expertise in technology consulting to address the startup's challenges. They:

  1. Identified and recruited 25 highly skilled blockchain developers and specialists in Vietnam.

  2. Set up a fully functional remote office in Vietnam, complete with necessary infrastructure and resources.

  3. Implemented project management and communication tools to facilitate seamless collaboration between the US and Vietnam-based teams.

  4. Provided ongoing support and guidance to ensure the successful execution of the blockchain project.


Results: With Alpha Bits' assistance, the startup successfully built and operated a 25-person blockchain team in Vietnam. The team developed and implemented a robust blockchain solution that met the startup's requirements. The successful BOT model allowed the startup to seamlessly integrate the Vietnam-based team into their organization, resulting in significant cost savings and access to a highly skilled talent pool.

An organization in Samoa approached Alpha Bits to help them develop and maintain an e-commerce delivery platform to serve their local market. The development team was to be based out of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Challenge: The organization faced challenges in finding a reliable technology partner to develop a scalable and robust e-commerce platform, as well as managing a remote development team based in Vietnam.

Solution: Alpha Bits utilized its technology consulting expertise to address the organization's challenges. They:

  1. Assembled a skilled development team in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, with expertise in e-commerce platforms and delivery systems.

  2. Collaborated closely with the Samoan organization to understand their requirements and develop a custom e-commerce delivery platform tailored to their needs.

  3. Implemented project management and communication tools to ensure smooth collaboration between the Samoan organization and the Vietnam-based development team.

  4. Provided ongoing maintenance and support for the e-commerce platform, ensuring its reliability and performance.

Results: With Alpha Bits' help, the Samoan organization successfully launched their e-commerce delivery platform, which has been running smoothly and efficiently. The platform has enabled the organization to expand its market reach and improve its delivery services. The ongoing support from Alpha Bits ensures that the platform remains up-to-date and continues to meet the organization's evolving needs.

Case Study 2
Developing and Maintaining an E-commerce Delivery Platform for a Samoan company.

Software Solutions 

We have extensive experience building and operating integrated management platforms in a variety of industries.

  • Property Tech - Smart Building Management.

  • Education Tech - LMS, SIMS, CRM platform.

  • Logistics - 1st miles & last miles delivery platform.

  • Tourism - Hotel Booking, OTA Platform.

  • Retail - Convenience stores ERP.

  • Advertising - OOH hardware solution.

  • Investment - Mutual fund platform.

  • Ecommerce - CMS, Ordering, Fullfillment, O2O platforms.

  • Sharing Economy - Ride hailing, service runner, delivery.

  • Other startup MVPs:

    • Social Networks & Community Portals

    • Crowdfunding platform

    • Telehealth platform

    • Custom CRMs

Hardware solutions

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