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CTO as a Service

CTOaaS is a unique service offered by Alpha Bits that provides businesses with access to on-demand technical expertise. CTOaaS allows businesses of all sizes and stages to benefit from the technical leadership and expertise of a Chief Technology Officer without the overhead costs associated with having a full-time CTO.

We provide businesses with on-demand access to our in-house network of experienced and knowledgeable technical experts. Our dedicated support team provides ongoing guidance and direction to ensure organizations technology strategies align with specific business goals; helping identify the best technology tools and practices; advise on growing and training internal capabilities; and assessment of technology investment deals. CTOaaS is a flexible approach to Technical Leadership.

Who can benefit from CTOaaS?

Alpha Bits provides technical leadership and expertise for businesses of all sizes and stages.

and Early-stage Teams

who may not have the resources or expertise to develop and execute a technology strategy on their own. We help you to stay lean and get your systems built.

and Growing businesses 

looking to stay ahead of the curve with the latest technology tools and practices, and don’t know where to begin with. Our veteran CTOs bring extensive real world expertise, allowing them to provide a unique perspective and fresh ideas.


Venture Capitalists
and Investors

who want to make informed decisions about their investments in technology. We are builder-focused and we want to share our collective knowledge to help driving innovation especially in S.E.A region of the world, where we are based.

How CTO as a Service works

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Designated CTO and Support team

Designated project team consists of a dedicated Account Manager, a Senior Business Analyst with extensive managerial experience, and a veteran CTO in related industry sector. In some cases, we bring in additional domain experts for fresh perspectives when required.


Relevant & Deep Industry Knowledge

Our consultants and domain experts must have a minimum of 10 years of working experience in their respective areas. This level of collective team experience enables us to provide expert guidance and leadership advisory to wide range of industries and stages of growth. We also promote continuous-learning mindset as part of our culture, and always on the look out for sustainable partners to exchange new ideas.

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Data-driven and result-oriented

We use the latest technology to collect, analyze, and interpret all aspects of business operations. By aligning business metrics and decision-making with data, we have clarity and confidence in our weekly progress.


Maintaining strong Communication Cadence 

We establish consistent weekly or biweekly meetings from day one, to stay on track and identify risks early. We help our partners stick to this cadence and make sure that everyone involved is well-informed

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